Who uses a Grab Truck?

  • Gold Coast City Council uses Grab trucks for the clearing and removal of illegal dump sites. This is ideal as the truck just pulls up next to the waste and loads it straight onto the back without manual handling and without the need of extra machinery to clear it.  It’s a very quick and efficient way of removing illegally dumped rubbish from our streets.
  • Builders and landscapers find the Grab ideal for clearing all builders waste including bricks, spoil, rubble, tiles, concrete, green waste, turf etc., without the need of hiring a skip. The waste can be just piled in a convenient area out of the way and then call us in to grab it away. We can also arrange cages if you would like it contained.
  • Tree companies use the grab when they want logs, root balls etc. taken away. It’s also ideal for large amount of palms which their chippers don’t seem to like.  Also when they don’t have the time to chip it all.
  • Civil companies use the grab for a range of services but are especially useful for roadwork’s. It’s particularly useful for backfilling trenches where the material is left in the back of the tipper and placed out where needed in the right amount avoiding a big clean-up and a lot of shovelling.
  • Households and home handyman call out a grab when their doing a big clear-out. Whether its clearing out the garage or cutting down some trees or even a skip bag they just leave their junk in area where truck can access and we come and Grab it away. Cheaper than a skip and you don’t have load it, worry about which size to get or worry about permits.
  • Grabs are also ideal for deliveries for hard to access areas like over walls and fences – dropping mulch over your garden fence for example.

Note: We have a contract with the Gold Coast City Council to collect illegally dumped material that has been left on the streets of our beautiful city

Our current clients include: